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Council Tax: Application for Single Occupiers Discount

If you are claiming a discount because someone has left your household please provide the following details First Name(s), Date they left, Their FULL forwarding address - This MUST be given in all cases.
Customer Declaration - please tick the box underneath the statements below.
  1. I understand that the above information may be passed to other Council sections and public bodies, to help detect and prevent crime and to help in the collection and assessment of taxes and duties.
  2. I confirm that the above information is true and correct.
  3. I understand that it is a criminal offence under the Theft Act 1968 to supply false information to obtain a monetary advantage and that Halton Borough Council will prosecute fraudulent claims.
  4. I understand that the Council may make enquiries concerning this application and that I might be visited by a Council Officer to verify this information.
For information about data protection please go to
Thank you for your information, we expect to process this information within 10 working days, if your enquiry is urgent please call 0151 511 7771 or call into one of our offices below: