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*PLEASE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION WITH YOUR COMPLETED APPLICATION FORM* Minimum 12 weeks prior to the event start date. If you have any questions regarding the Information required please contact 0151 511 8915. Email ALL supporting documents to
Please include the following details in your event plan
This document sets out instructions to applicants and conditions of use of a Halton Borough Council (the “Council”) owned site for an event (the “Event”) organised by an organisation or person (the “Event Organiser"). Carefully read all of the conditions before applying to use a site.  If permission to hold your event is granted then the conditions set out below will be applicable and must be complied with. You are advised not to enter into financial arrangements concerning your proposed event until you receive written confirmation that permission has been granted. Permission can only be granted subject to the Event Organiser signing the Agreement with the Council and when a letter of permission to use the stated site has been issued by the Council. The Event Organiser will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
  • 1.a. The Event Organiser shall indemnify the Council in full on demand against any legal liability for accidental loss of or damage to property or for death, injury, illness or disease arising out of the Event and including liability arising from goods sold or supplied. We would suggest your level of insurance is commensurate with the type of event & operation you are going to undertake. Therefore, we would suggest that you discuss this with an independent insurance advisor to establish your level of requirement. We would require anyone using and/or hiring Council premises to have Public Liability Insurance in their own right and under such circumstances we would require them to have a minimum level of indemnity of between £1million and £10 million depending upon the nature and the associated risks of the eventand numbers expected to attend. We suggest you contact your insurer to discuss this in more detail.
  • 1.b. With reference to the above, satisfactory evidence of insurance (non returnable), must be produced to the Nominated Officer of the Council at least 28 working days prior to the intended start of the Event and or moving onto the site. The Event Organiser shall ensure that the insurance covers the whole period i.e. preparation to site clearance.
  • 1.c. The insurance must be operative in respect of liabilities to any persons employed by or assisting the Event Organiser, and also to any liabilities incurred by them. If any persons are employed by the Event Organiser, insurance must be arranged to comply with the Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969.
In all cases applicants are advised to seek advice from their insurance company or broker, making reference to conditions 1.a. - 1.c. above.
  • 2. The Event Organiser undertakes to comply with these and any other special conditions concerning the Event as specified on the application form and or specified in any subsequent confirmation letter. Failure to provide information as requested and or to meet the deadlines as specified may seriously affect the viability of an Event and in the case of Events classified as “major” may necessitate an administration charge being made.
  • 3. The Deposit shall cover the expenses incurred by the Council in respect of the cost of reinstating the site to the same condition it was before the Event Organiser's visit, including the costs of removing litter and other debris left on site. The cost of any electricity or water consumed shall also be debited from the Deposit. Any part of the deposit not so withheld shall be returned to the Event Organiser, at such time that the nominated officer of the Council is satisfied as to the amount so payable.
  • 4. The period granted includes those periods required for the setting up and dismantling of equipment. If the Event Organiser exceeds this allowance a further charge at an agreed rate will be made by the Council.
  • 5. The Event Organiser must comply with all statutory requirements and Health and Safety Regulations, other legal requirements, and Approved Codes of Practice in relation to health and safety. The Event Organiser will also take into account and comply with relevant guidance issued by the Health and Safety Executive. A named person must be nominated to be responsible for the health & safety & welfare of people attending the event. This person may differ from that person named as “the Event Organiser”.
  • 6. The Event Organiser is responsible for ensuring that an adequate level of stewarding is provided. All stewards should wear distinctive clothing such as high visibility tabards.
  • 7. The Event Organiser must ensure prior to the Event that all participants including but not limited to owners or operators of fairground rides including inflatables, steam engines (pressure vessels), stalls and any others have current test certificates (where appropriate) and adequate insurance.
  • 8. The Event Organiser is responsible for keeping rubbish and litter to a minimum and for the provision of litter bins appropriate to the scale of the Event. After the Event, the Event Organiser must ensure that any remaining rubbish and litter is cleared from the site to a nominated refuse dump of official tipping site by noon the following day. After this time the Council may arrange for any remaining rubbish to be cleared and the Event Organiser shall be responsible for any and all costs incurred. Rubbish must not be burnt.
  • 9. Any damage caused to the site shall be made good to the satisfaction of the Nominated Council Officer, but in default the Council shall be entitled to carry out the necessary work at the Event Organiser's expense and recover the cost from the Event Organiser as a civil debt or so far as practicable deduct from the Deposit. Site meetings can be arranged where the Event Organiser wishes to check the condition of the site prior to the event. The Event Organiser should satisfy themselves that the site is suitable for the Event.
  • 10. The Event Organiser shall ensure that so far is reasonably practical nothing is done which would cause nuisance to people living or working near the site. In particular, amplified music and announcements must be kept to an acceptable volume and must not continue after the agreed finishing time of the Event.
  • 11. In respect of Events where an admission charge will be made to all or part of the venue (not including individual activities), polite, conspicuous notices must be erected at gates referring to the temporary restrictions. These notices, which will assist gate staff, should include an apology for any inconvenience and appreciation for support. Similar inclusion should also be considered for any publicity.
  • 12. For the sole purpose of setting up the Event and clearing away after, and subject to these conditions, the minimum use of appropriate vehicles within the site is permitted. A strict limit of 5 mph must be kept within the site and vehicles should remain on hard surfaced roadways whenever possible. During an event, vehicles on site must be kept to a minimum.
  • 13. The Event Organiser and their Promoters are reminded that under the Town and Country Planning Act, it is illegal to advertise in or on unauthorised locations. The Event will be subject to immediate cancellation without refund or monies paid or compensation being considered if any evidence of flyposting is brought to the Council's attention. Any future applications may be declined if flyposting takes place.
  • 14. No directional signs for the Event may be displayed without the Council's prior permission from the Highways Department. Approval for temporary direction signs must be sought from the Highways Department in writing.
  • 15. The Council reserves the right at any time to revoke the permission for the Event due to the weather or any other reason and in all cases for this purpose the question of suitability of the physical condition of the site shall be as decided by the Council at its absolute discretion.
  • 16. No ropes, shackles or any form of hitching may be attached to any of the trees, fixtures or fittings on the site.
  • 17. Property relating to the Event is the sole responsibility of the Event Organiser and the Council is not liable for damage to or theft of any such property.
  • 18. The Nominated Officer of the Council reserves the right to stage at all times an Exhibition or Display free of charge for the duration of the Event within the site.
  • 19. Access to the site shall only be gained via the standard access routes. Suitable methods shall be used to protect the kerb on taking vehicular access to the site. You shall be responsible for removing and replacing any bund or other restriction at the access point before your access and exit from the site.
  • 20. You must confirm arrangements with the Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance service that there are no objections to your use of the site, and suitable arrangements should be made with the Council's Highway Department and Police to avoid vehicles parking on the roadway fronting the site.
  • 21. This Agreement does not grant to the Event Organiser exclusive possession of the site. The Council may enter the site at any time and may authorise third parties to do like wise.
  • 22. The responsibility for running the Event rests with the Event Organiser.
If you need clarification of any of these conditions or wish to discuss anything relating to your proposed event, please do not hesitate to contact 0151 511 8914. We wish success to all Event Organisers.

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