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Council Tax: Disablement Reduction

The disablement reduction is a discount that is based on a property, rather than a person. Being awarded disability benefits does not automatically qualify you for the Council Tax disablement reduction. The liable person for Council Tax may apply for a reduction in the bill, which would be equivalent to a re-banding of the dwelling into the band immediately below that shown in the Valuation List. If your property is in band A, the reduction will be the same as that received by dwellings in bands B to D.

The reduction is awarded on the basis of losing space within a property or having to extend a property to create the additional space (under the criteria below), in order to meet the needs of a disabled person. In order to qualify for reduction there must be a disabled person (adult/child) who has their sole or main residence at the property. A disabled person is someone who is substantially and permanently disabled. There must be at least one of the three features (described in the questions below) in the property which meets the needs of the disabled person.

This refers to a room that is only used to meet the needs of a disability. It would be where the use of an existing room is changed, for example a spare bedroom that is used for home dialysis, or a dining room that is changed into a bedroom can no longer be used for their existing use due to meeting the needs of the disabled person. A room that has been adapted to aid the disabled person but that is still used for its existing use does not meet the criteria (e.g. rails being put in a bathroom or a stair lift being installed).

This would be an additional bathroom or kitchen that has been installed for the disabled person. In the case of a second bathroom, both must be full bathrooms (i.e. must have a bath/shower, sink and toilet in both). An existing en-suite bathroom does not meet the criteria as the second bathroom would already be included in the initial Council Tax assessment and it hasn’t been put in to meet the needs of a disabled person.

The wheelchair must be used indoors – the reduction is given on this basis due to living space being lost due to the amount of room needed to move a wheelchair around the property.

The information given on this form is correct. I undertake to inform you immediately if I believe that I am no longer eligible for a reduction granted in respect of this application.

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