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Application For Memorial Bench - 10 Year Lease

Terms of purchase:

I wish to lease a 10-year lease on a memorial bench and understand the terms and conditions under which it will be accepted by the Council.

I understand that only benches of approved design, size and materials, supplied and fitted by Halton Borough Council will be permitted. Applicants shall not be permitted to provide their own benches.

I accept that benches will be placed only on bases and in locations provided by the Council, which could be subject to change.

I accept full responsibility for the maintenance of the bench and understand that if, in the opinion of the Cemeteries Business Manager, I have failed to do so, the bench will be removed and disposed of.

I understand that the Council will not be held responsible for any theft or damage to the bench unless caused by the act or default of its employees.

I understand that no benches will be allowed in the Cemetery for the private use of donors and that any bone fide visitors to the Cemetery shall be able to use the facility.

I understand that that a memorial plaque may be fitted to the bench and that no other form of memorials shall be placed on or around the bench

I understand that benches are only placed in the cemeteries, after a meeting with a staff member and agreeing the exact location

Data Protection

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